Rescuing Women

Disclaimer: The some names have been changed in order to protect the identities of the women. All women are real with true stories.

Women in Pakistan are treated worse than property. They are expected to care for and support their families from a young age, and are often treated as money making machines. Some of the women that we work with have been forced into sex slavery, forced labor in the brick kilns, and horribly abusive relationships - often as young women married off to much older men.

Support a Child

$25 /month

Support a Girl/Woman

$35 /month

Support a Mother

$50 /month

Save Mothers with Children

Rescuing a mother means empowering her to care for herself and her children.

Training Women to be Self-Sustaining

Many of women's issues can be solved if they are able to provide for themselves. RAM Foundation is committed to vocational training and small business setup through microfinance.

Give to Setup a Shop

$750 /One Time Donation

Your gift of just $750 will help a mother to start a small business that will feed her and her children. She will be able to sustain her family independently, and will return the loan in the form of a further donation to another mother (moderated by RAM Foundation). You will receive an extensive report with updates regarding her business operations.

Purchase a Hand Made Item

All the items listed are made by women as part of their vocational training. All proceeds go towards further training programs.