​If you do not have time to volunteer, we encourage you to endorse our organization or provide financial support for one of the causes for which RAM Foundation fights: provide free legal aid, buy freedom, provide medical aid, train women to be self-sustaining, expand our safe house.

empower women

With your support, RAM Foundation is able to provide vocational training so that women are able to provide for themselves.

legal aid

With your support, we provide free legal aid to the oppressed who have no financial resources and no assistance.

medical aid

With your support, RAM Foundation is able to provide medical aid and nutritious food and supplements at least to those women who are either pregnant or have an infant child.

Buy freedom

With your support, we help to free enslaved minorities from the brutal brick kilns of rural Pakistan, one person at a time.

Get Involved

expand our CosmoVision Center

With your support, we will be able to expand our safe house, the CosmoVision Center, to provide shelter, education and training in various vocations that will enable women to be self-sustaining.

Spread the word

RAM Foundation is an indigenous movement that depends on friends like you to spread the word about women and children’s ordeals and the needs of the oppressed in Pakistan.

​If you have never experienced the joy of becoming a voice for someone who does not have one, we invite you to take one step forward and talk to your family, friends, and colleagues or arrange small parties to raise awareness about the needs of the Pakistani people.


If you think you are an ordinary person and perhaps cannot make much of a difference let us share with you that our team is made up of ordinary people who are involved in extraordinary work. We believe that every individual has the potential to make a difference in the lives of others.

If you have the desire, please contact us through email so that we can talk about how you can help us to advance the causes of RAM Foundation Pakistan.

There are a number of different opportunities to volunteer with us. From helping organizing events to raising awareness to practically getting involved either by teaching at one of our sites physically or via the internet.

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