Housing for the rescued women and children that also has onsite school and training center

What is CosmoVision Center Pakistan?

CosmoVision Center is the most important project that RAM Foundation has ever undertaken. It will combine all of our efforts to impact the Pakistani community within a single concentrated focus. We are operating on a 10-year plan, moving gradually towards becoming a reality. Since 2008, it was estimated that the total cost for the first phase of the project will be just over $350,000.

Once functioning, CosmoVision Center Pakistan will be a long-term, permanent solution to many of the issues facing the persecuted community in Pakistan. Once liberated from slavery, they will be sheltered, educated, and trained in various vocations that will enable them to care for their families without resorting to personal loans from brick kiln owners or other dangerous individuals.


Consider donating $50, but any amount would be appreciated.

This cost is the structural cost of Lahore City because Nalay Pind is situated in surroundings of Lahore.
Basement cost is 1,610/- Rs. per Square feet, and remaining floors are 800/- Rs. per Square Feet.

 The functionality of CVC Basement: This would include a kitchen, dining hall, and storage area. Ground Floor: Would provide 12 classrooms for a school for children in Nalapind who will be given three meals a day with a world-class education.

First Floor: Would contain bedrooms for orphans and foster children.

Second Floor: This would be a workshop to teach technical trades to school students and women. Women will learn how to sew, embroider, crochet, etc. We will help women to become self-dependent.

Third Floor: Accredited School up to the College level

Cost for CosmoVision Center Pakistan. Estimate 2015

Basement: 6,748,000/- Rs.

Ground Floor:5,796,000/- Rs.

First Floor: 4,488,400/-Rs.

Second Floor:5,110,000/-Rs.

Third Floor:5,110,000/-Rs.

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