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Petition to End Forced Marriage

Add your name in support of ending forced marriages.

Persecution in Pakistan | Finding Strength in a Nightmare

One woman’s story of motherhood in Pakistan as a religious minority.

Watch "SWIPE," A Short film on blasphemy

Watch "Shila's Story"

How vocational training has impacted her life. Subtitles in English are available.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

   Send COVID-19 relief or sponsor a Pakistani minority family or child. You can even make a gift in honor of a loved one.

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Families fed for one month

COVID-19 Response

 Pakistani religious minorities and brick kiln workers have been hit especially hard by continued lockdowns, lack of work, and soaring food prices. So far, RAM Foundation has provided 975 food and hygiene kits to families in need.

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What We Do

Legal Aid

We provide free legal assistance to rape survivors, religious minorities, brick kiln workers, and those falsely accused of blasphemy.


We seek to create awareness of rampant discrimination against religious minorities in Pakistan.

Women Empowerment

Empower disadvantaged and abused women by providing a safe haven and vocational training at our Sablone House.



In partnership with World Compassion Fellowship, RAM Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of its new medical clinic located next the Sablone House. An overwhelming turnout showed up for...

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Fatima’s Rescue

Fatima’s Rescue

Fatima was a 55-year old woman working in a brick factory in Lalyani, one hour south of Islamabad. She was brutally tortured by the brick factory owner because she refused to work on a day she felt...

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Qaiser & Nadeem’s rescue

Qaiser & Nadeem’s rescue

Twin brothers Qaiser and Nadeem were sold into slavery to a feudal lord when they were five-years-old by their parents to pay for the wedding of their daughter. In Pakistan, parents absolutely must...

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Fatima’s Rescue

Shaheen’s Rescue

An 18-year-old Christian girl, Shaheen was born into a poor family enslaved at a brick kiln. Despite working day and night they still did not make enough to live. Shaheen's father was diagnosed with...

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