RAM GIFT & Sponsorship PROGRAM

We will even send a personalized gift message on your behalf, notifying him or her of the gift you made in their name.

You can opt for an email or physical mail gift letter to be sent to the recipient. Please fill out the form on your left to add your message!

Hygiene kits contain hand and dish soap, multi-purpose cleaner, face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Food kits contain four types of lentils, two types of chickpeas, oil, rice, semolina, wheat flour, sugar, tea, dry milk, and spices.

We cannot guarantee the delivery date of any physical gift letter.

Sample gift letter:

OUr current programs

Winter Clothes for Daud | $30

Daud is a regular attendee of our children’s programs. He lost one of his eyes in an accident when he was only 5 years old. He feels very happy to attend the children’s programs because there is no such activity in the whole village where he lives. Daud does not have any warm clothes to wear this winter because his parents cannot afford to buy him winter clothes.

Winter clothes for Sehrish | $30

Sehrish is a six-year-old smiling girl. She feels very happy to attend the children’s programs. Sehrish’s parents are very poor and cannot afford to buy winter clothes.

Special needs assistance for Emmanual | $40

Emmanual is a mute child by birth. He cannot speak but he can listen properly. He lives in a village where there are no provisions for special needs children. Emmanual greatly enjoys the children’s program, but needs support for his special needs.

COVID-19 Relief Options

  • Food Kit for One Family $12.50 For One Week
  • Hygiene Kit for One Family $20.00 For One Month
  • Food Kit for One Family $50.00 For One Month
  • Food AND Hygiene Kit $70.00 For One Month
  • Food Kit for Two Families $100.00 For One Month
  • Food AND Hygiene Kit for Two Families $140.00 For Two Months

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