Give a gift. Change lives.


Give a gift. Change lives.

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Your gift impacts the lives of Pakistani religious minorities and brick kiln workers.


Several new sewing machines wrapped in plastic sit on a table in front of women working at small tables with sewing machines.


Right now, Pakistan is facing a severe energy crisis. The Sablone Center only has electricity for about 12 out of every 24 hours.

Women who attend the sewing class must learn with without fans or lights, and it becomes dangerous and difficult for them to learn in the extreme heat.

This summer, temperatures have regularly soared to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (~50 degrees Celsius).

Because of this, we are asking for support towards an urgent need of $3,000 to install solar panels for the Sablone Center.

Installing solar panels would enable women to continue their vocational training safely and further assist RAM’s work that occurs at the Sablone Center, such as legal assistance and medical care.

    COVID-19 Relief gift options

    Gift a food and hygiene kit

    Hygiene kits contain hand and dish soap, multi-purpose cleaner, face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

    Food kits contain four types of lentils, two types of chickpeas, oil, rice, semolina, wheat flour, sugar, tea, dry milk, and spices.


    • Food Kit for 1 Family for 1 Week | $12.50
    • Hygiene Kit for 1 Family for 1 Month | $20.00
    • Food Kit for 1 Family for 1 Month| $50.00
    • Food AND Hygiene Kit for 1 Month | $70.00
    • Food Kit for 2 Families for 1 Month | $100.00
    • Food AND Hygiene Kit for 2 Families for 2 Months | $140.00

    Gift vocational training

    Empower marginalized women

    The gift that keeps on giving! By supporting a woman in our vocational training sewing classes, you provide a long-term stable income for her and her family. These tailoring skills also help keep families out of brick kiln slavery. The training program is 6 months long.


    • Vocational Training for 1 Month | $25.00
    • Vocational Training for 3 Month | $75.00
    • Vocational Training for 6 Months | $150.00
    • Sewing Machine | $90.00

    Support a child

    New Clothes for Daud| $30

    Daud is a regular attendee of our children’s programs. He lost one of his eyes in an accident when he was only 5 years old. He feels very happy to attend the children’s programs because there is no such activity in the whole village where he lives. Daud desperately needs some new clothes to wear.

    New clothes for Sehrish | $30

    Sehrish is a six-year-old smiling girl who loves attending our children’s programs. Sehrish’s parents are very poor and cannot afford to buy clothes for her. 

    Monthly Support for Sehrish's Family | $25/MO

    Sehrish is a six-year-old smiling girl who loves attending our children’s programs. Sehrish’s parents are very poor and cannot afford to buy clothes for her.

    Special Needs Support for Emmanual | $40/MO

    Emmanual is a mute child by birth. He cannot speak but he can listen properly. He lives in a village where there are no provisions for special needs children. Emmanual greatly enjoys the children’s program, but needs support for his special needs.

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