RAM Foundation Pakistan is a local and indigenous organization that was born out of a desperate need to address the awful poverty of the local community in the suburbs of LahoreWe do not categorize individuals by their race, gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation but we see them as people in need. We know each individual that we are working with by name, by their stories, not by their ID numbers. We focus on women and children, on the oppressed and persecuted minorities, and on the untouchables.

Our Story

RAM began with one young man’s vision, passion, and leadership skills. At the age of just 18, he started a small school in a very poor neighborhood of Lahore, in the Punjab province of Pakistan. His expressed goal was to provide a quality education to the untouchable communities of., He founded RAM Foundation in order to oversee the needs of the school, which rapidly grew from just a few students to over 200 pupils by the end of its first year. He inspired young students from different religious, social, and cultural backgrounds to join together and improve their lives as well as make a difference in their communities.


The first board of directors included five students from the school who were studying in the evening program for their advanced studies. The board consisted of both Muslims and Christians, male and female, young and old. All were committed to fighting for Peace, Justice, and Equality.

Today, RAM Foundation still operates through a diverse executive board in Pakistan. In New York City, a board of committed individuals of various professional and cultural background endeavors to raise awareness, find partners and provide the means for the work carried out on the ground in Pakistan.

Our Identity

RAM stands for Resources and Aid Mobilization and is registered both in Pakistan and in the USA.

Resources: We seek out resources and bring them together to help women, children and the untouchables lead a higher quality of life.

Aid: We provide vital legal aid by fighting cases for the poor and persecuted at no cost to them. We rescue women and children locked into forced labor and provide them with temporary shelter whilst training them in vocational workshops.

Mobilization: We inform and mobilize the global community about the needs encountered so that they may partner with us in the success of our enterprise.

Our Vision

Our CosmoVision Center is the most important project that RAM Foundation has ever undertaken.

It is an ongoing project that combines all of our efforts to impact the local Pakistani community.

Our vision is that it will be a long-term, permanent solution to many of the issues facing the oppressed and persecuted people we serve. Once liberated from slavery or domestic ordeal, they will be sheltered, educated, and trained in various vocations that will enable them to care for their families without resorting to personal loans from brick kiln owners or other dangerous and unscrupulous individuals.

The CosmoVision Center is being built in three phases. We first had to secure the land, drain it and fence it. Phase two consisted of completing the first small building in which we already provide basic medical aid and host our vocational workshops in a safe environment.

Phase three will consist in significantly expanding our facilities so that we can accommodate more people who need temporary shelter and more students who need training. We will also be able to provide facilities on premises for women to start their own businesses and expand our medical facility.

Our Projects

We are working on many different projects dealing with human rights. Please send us an email to know more.

Our Partners

We know we cannot achieve all of our goals on our own. We always seek partners whether individuals or organizations who share our vision and commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. We work with charitable organizations, religious and non-religious institutions, NGOs, and corporations. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us in our efforts.


We invite you to meet with one of our staff members for coffee to hear about some of our most recent projects. Some of these projects are sensitive in nature so we do not publish them on the website.

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