The following is a report from our legal team that regularly deals with cases of injustice. 

Ulfat* is a single mother of six children. She has worked in Muslim houses for many years to look after her children. With tears in her eyes, she told us how many problems she faced over the years. 

Now that all of her children have grown up and begun to work, she has been able to relax a little bit. They have started to eat three times day, when before they hardly ate once a day. 

Now they were able to afford a refrigerator, washing machine, and iron because the seven family members were all working hard. 

After her two elder daughters got married, she was especially relieved to fulfill her responsibility towards them. 

Unfortunately, in 2023 her elder son was arrested by police in a false case of kidnapping. The police tortured him badly and started blackmailing Ulfat’s family. 

One of the police officer would daily come to her house and ask for a bribe. She begged them to release him because she did not have any money to give them. 

She even sold all the household items but could not get the required money. 

Finally, Ulfat approached RAM’s legal team who filed a harassment petition against the police as well as a bail petition for her son’s release. The bail petition was effective, but the trial will begin next month. 

Ulfat is very grateful to RAM’s legal team for their assistance. 

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