Abram a Survivor of the Easter Suicide Bombing in Pakistan Needs Help!

Abram, along with his four friends was present in the park at the time of the blast. A splinter faction of the Pakistani Taliban, Jamaat ul-Ahrar, claimed responsibility for the attack, which the group says was directed at Pakistani Christians who were celebrating Easter Sunday in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park. Abram (pictured below) was critically injured in the blast. Christina and her team (RAM Foundation) visited him at his home in a Christian colony named after Father Hennery K. We also visited the homes of other victims and shared the word of God with them and their families.

In a fairly average house of a Christian family in Pakistan, with few household items and little furniture in one a small room, our team was squeezed in tightly with Abram. Nevertheless, we were welcomed by the family as a sign of hope. Abram laid in his bed and looked very weak. The sixteen year old was the only brother of five sisters and was the only ray of hope for his parents. Still in the state of shock, Abram recalled the nightmare of that day. He cannot get rid of images of dead bodies all around him at the time of the blast.

“His first surgery went well,” his father said, “however, he still needs a few more surgeries,” he added as he wiped his face on his arm. It was very hot, and the humid air coming from the fan barely made it to the sweat running down his face. “There are bullets inside his back,” he said in an agonized voice.

The one small room, which serves a bedroom, a sitting room, and a kitchen for the eight members of the family is too hot for Abram. “I feel pain and itching in my wounds because I am always drenched in my own sweat,” Abram said, as he looked into my eyes. “The cramped surrounding makes the room even hotter,” he hesitantly said. “When I was in the hospital there was air conditioning, but my father is a laborer and could not afford the daily rent to keep me in the hospital, so he brought me home.” Looking at his father, “he does not have enough money to purchase an air conditioner.” Abram’s medicines are also very expensive and on top of that they have to pay for at least two more surgeries. Abram’s story is similar to many of the victims who survived the blast but are left absolutely helpless. We prayed for Abram and handed him a small gift to assist his parents in their financial needs.

Prayer Request

1. Please pray for the speedy recovery of Abram’s wounds.

2. Pray for the provision of funds for the purchase of an air conditioner for Abram as he has to go through more surgeries. An air conditioner will cost $800 (equipment like this is more expensive in Pakistan than in the U.S)

3. Please pray for the provision of funds for Abram’s surgeries, which will cost around $2,000.


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