72 Dead and over 300 religious minorities injured  – Please respond now.

Yesterday evening at 6:30pm, Gulshan-i-Iqbal Park, located in a predominantly Christian neighborhood, was shaken by a blast from a devastating suicide bombing. Hundreds of families were relaxing, picnicking and playing games in celebration of the Easter holiday. Most of the victims were Christian women and children and it is believed that they were the intended target, but many Muslims were injured in the blast as well.

RAM Foundation Pakistan is mobilizing our staff and resources on the ground to assist the community in Lahore right now. Our legal team is standing by to aid the largely poor minority victims in receiving the medical aid that they need – but cannot pay for. We are also sending emergency relief materials to families that lost loved ones, some of them losing the family breadwinner in the attacks.

RAM Foundation is grateful for the outpouring of love from the local community. Within hours, the surrounding hospitals posted signed stating that they had gathered the necessary amount of donated blood from the community. Many Muslims are showing support for their Christian neighbors and are standing against these attacks.

Please respond now with a gift to help those devastated by this terrible attack, and pray for Pakistan as they continue to suffer from the devastating consequences of this hateful act of terrorism.

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