Currently in Pakistan, food prices have soared 30-40 percent due to inflation and weather that has destroyed wheat crops.

We are seeing many patients come in to our medical clinic with symptoms of poor nutrition. When asked why they are not eating properly, they say that they cannot afford food. 

One man, Khadim, came to the medical Life Center with tears in his eyes.  He said that he needed to go to work in the fields, but his body was not letting him do any work.

His wife was also sick, and if he does not work in the fields, they will not have anything to eat. He said that it had been two days since their family had only eaten one meal a day. If he did not go to work that day, they would sleep hungry.

He said that he wants to end his life and could not take this anymore.

Our medical staff checked his vitals. His body was dehydrated, and his blood glucose levels were abnormal. Our medical staff immediately treated him and provided him with the required medication.

After about an hour he was feeling much better. We consoled him and helped him realize that he is not alone in all this.


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