As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we would like to highlight the story of one of the bright young women enrolled in our computer training classes. 

18-year-old Sonia attended school up until a year ago when her mother became severely ill. She had to begin working her mother’s housekeeping jobs to help provide for the family. 

Because there are five girls in her family, her parents have a heavy burden of arranging dowry for each of them. 

She was very excited to hear about our free computer training institute. Tuition for one month at a private computer training schools is equal to two months of her salary. 

Now, she attends our program in the afternoons after working in the mornings. 

Sonia is very passionate about changing her future. She is hopeful that once her mother gets better, she can continue her studies and that her computer skills will increase the changes of getting a good job.


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