On the 27th of March, on Easter evening, Christians were attacked once again in Pakistan and this time terrorists attacked the innocent people in a public park—Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore. They killed 74 including children and women and more than 300 people were injured in the blast.

We wanted to stand with the victims and show our love towards the persecuted Christian community in Pakistan as well as share the Love of Christ towards the Muslims. RAM Foundation’s team visited Jinnah Hospital and the houses of the victims who suffered in this terrorist act and provided them with financial assistance. We gave gifts to children and prayed with them. A lot of victims were severely burned and were in intensive care unit where we were not allowed to take pictures so we only managed to take few pictures.

We manage to provide $60 per victim family and we assisted 30 families in this relief work. Though the amount was very small and the needs are immense in the absence of any government aid. Every family that we visited and helped showed their gratitude for prayers and financial assistance.




In partnership with World Compassion Fellowship, RAM Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of its new medical clinic located next the Sablone House. An overwhelming turnout showed up for medical care, with 100 people lining up to be seen the first day.  The...

Shaheen’s Rescue

Shaheen’s Rescue

An 18-year-old Christian girl, Shaheen was born into a poor family enslaved at a brick kiln. Despite working day and night they still did not make enough to live. Shaheen's father was diagnosed with heart disease and was unable to work for several weeks. The family...


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