Ariela, Lian, Daud, Emmanuel, and Sehrish are young Pakistani Christians that experience a disability, a physical illness, or have a special need for education funding.

Siblings Ariela and Lian (pictured on the bottom) both suffer from celiac disease, which causes a reaction to gluten. However, in Pakistan, gluten-free products are not available or are very expensive. As a result, both have developed deficiencies and other health issues from not eating a proper diet. Because of the pandemic, paying school fees has also been difficult.

Daud (pictured top left) is blind in one eye after an accident when he was five-years-old. He is in need of ongoing support.

Emmanuel (pictured top center) is mute, and his village does not have any special needs accommodations to assist him.

Sehrish (pictured top right) comes from a very poor family and is in need of school fees.

Supporting each of these children only costs $40/month, a small amount for the positive change it would bring each of these children. You can sponsor one of them on a monthly basis here.

You can also contribute a one-time amount towards their care here. Each child will need $480 for one year.

You contribution will also be investing in each child’s family. A better education for one will create new opportunities for all of them.

We could not continue this vital work ending cycles of generational poverty without you.

Thank you.


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