Extreme monsoon flooding wreaked havoc on Pakistan this summer, destroying lives and livelihoods. 

Sajjal is a church elder who lives in interior Sindh in a small goth, which means village in Sindhi.

One day during our relief efforts, he told us the story of the disastrous flood that hit his village.

That evening, his daughter, who lives nearby, told him that she did not have a good feeling and invited him to stay with her in her house. 

Sajjal told his daughter that he would not come to her house because his house’s walls were thicker and built better than hers. However, his daughter insisted, so in the night he, his wife, and one of his sons went to her house while his elder son remained at Sajjal’s home. 

Around 1 a.m., they heard a loud blast. Thinking that the daughter’s roof had fallen in, they got up to investigate.

Sajjal’s house, which had thick walls, had disappeared into the flood waters. 

His elder son was buried under the rubble, and Sajjal could not rescue him. He only was able to recover his body after a week. 

Without any emergency or rescue services, the villagers all trekked to high ground to save themselves. The government still has not provided any relief, and they continue to sleep under the open sky. 

Sajjal and his family were very thankful for the food and hygiene items we provided. 

Thanks to you and our generous partners, Sajjal’s family is only one of 500 flood-affected families that we distributed Love Care kits to. 


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